Saturday, October 31, 2009

Watch this...

Watch this! Haha!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I wanna get PIMPed !!

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Hey guys!!! check this out!! =) pls pls pls! help me to get pimped by smashpop [multimedia specialist] so that I can get the prizes --- Whooooh!! A BRAND NEW BLOG HEADER ( I really need it) & A CUSTOM-MADE BADGE! I want I want! =) SO peeps!! if you are free, eh erm..


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thanks in advance!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

26/05/2006 - Teacher's Day Celebration

HOLLA Peeps! I'm back in here, alas!

After gruelling times of working madness, I can finally look forward for 2 weeks of boredom now haha. I think I shall blog about some sweet highlights here today tough I'm not in the mood for blogging nowadays.

*secret recipe cake from 6S. Great celebration*

Talking about sweet* 26/05/2006 was a really sweet day! It was the TEACHER's DAY! woooh!
The feeling was a little akward. thinking myself as a TEACHER - it totally made me drooled & blushed! HAHA! =) weird feeling. Received alot of *THANK YOUs* & Presents that day! feeling appreciated. *touched*

*crazy! hey! don't get any nearer! *I'm falling down already*

*presents* droooools* =)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


yeah I'm back. Ish~ all because of my stupid modem.
Now I've bought a new one! hehe. Smaller. cooler. small black box.
Well, all this while I was only able to online at school. =( OK la , better than nothing.

I think I should blog about 21/5/2006? my b i r t h d a y?
Overall I was truely enjoyed. Had loads of fun.

Ok, I treated a bunch of friends (ex-Gabrians & ex-cochraneans) to LOW YAT RED BOX.
WOW, about 20 ++ attended? hehe. Shocked me. Hm, I hope they all enjoyed that day too~
but sadly speaking, I purposely reserved a BIG (really BIG) room for Cochrane U6S2'05 hoping for a heat-up. Nevertheless, it ended up quiet, peaceful, and strangeful. =)

Inversely, for the small room for Gabrians, though smaller, it ROCKS, LOUD & BANG! =)

Well, most of the pictures taken that day were in my friend's camera. Below are the pics I took with my cell. enjoy.

chwizzle . charming white horse prince! [perasan. but i really wore all WHITE that day. blek]

angel . ken . chwiz [models] hiak hiak =)

ken . Steve


hey, It's late now and I think I should go to bed. to be continued tomorrow. Oh yeah, during the karaoke session, some waiters disturbed us with a cam on one of the waiter's hand.

he said: " Hey, would you like to join a world cup photoshot contest? you guys just need to stand there and pose a YENG-est pose . and snap! "

I repied : " Is it free? what prizes? "

"yeah, it's free . 10 mp3 players awaiting to be won. Perhaps you should give it a try then."

" Yeah, okay! "

ok, it's really late now. I need to go. will post the photoshots tomorrow. night and stay tune ya? =)


pic1 - "Ouch!!"

pic 2 - Miss PinkBOLA

pic 3 - Mr Steven the goal keeper

*PS - for clearer version, kindly visit REDBOX LOW YAT. =)


What presents I got?

Webcam, Headphone, USB port - Thanks Wei Zi, Angel, Christina, Edmund, Mee Fong, Ling Li, Wai Jin, Chee Kuen, Sze Jun, Pei Yi, and May Hwa. =)

Final FantasyVII Advent Children OST - Thanks Boon Ming, Kel Win, Wai Kitt, Zi Xun, and Eric. =)

A beautiful cup - Thanks Eric & Yew Seng. =)

A cacat-ed pic taken using the abovesaid webcam. Really cacat!


Sunday, May 07, 2006


30/4 - Having our gathering at Kim Gary, Avenue K KLCC.

Ling Li, Wei Zi, Steven, ME, and SKII.

Steven and blurry Ken.

Miss Pinksoda & Chwizzle

Let's pose! aiks, Kaito with his BIG middle finger?

Just trying some features in my phone. =)

sepia effect~

soft lense effect~

black and white effect.

That's all for today. Deng =D

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Puzzled! #_#

puzzle of the day!

g u e s s who? eh heh!













Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Posting for the sake of posting.

I'm bored, bored and bored. Haven't posted in a while (my apologies). Have several things to talk about, but not one large enough to dedicate the entire space to. So here are some random items for general discussion.

  • I've got a FREE Kingston USB 512 MB Flash Drive from my school. Yeah FREE~ Teeehe! =) It was actually Teacher's Day present. How nice of the headmistress ah! [nice? You NEVER know!] But then some conflicts happened. Deng! Some teachers JEALOUS! Eyes red red, Face red red! LOL! They jealoused of us (the younger generation) got all the privilleges that they don't have -- such as OUR salary are utterly higher than theirs. What to do? We are the YOUNGER GENERATION! yeah yeah~ 我们就是年轻一代,青春就是我们的财富!

  • These are the Sunway Lagoon's tickets my kids gave me! =)

  • Love crackers =) Want to try?

  • Teacher's Day is coming very very SOON. Hoping for more presents!! (Ish.)

  • Let's just skip those unimportant insights. That's it for now! Oh yeah before I forget, for your information, Kenny stands for handsome and royalty. Blek =P *blush*

Monday, April 10, 2006

Farewell # 1

Farewell just sucks big time!!! Who wants a farewell? Definitely not me. Yes, not me.
Couldn't escape, Could I? How i wish? Dear angelic fairy, wave your magical wand. Transport me, to the place where farewell is non-existent.

The one I'm holding is the VIP's son. lol. =)





Zoomed. Forever yours? Em. *shakes head*

~I've dragged this post for a week. It actually happened to be on last last friday. =) It was my last day reliefing a teacher who gave birth. Time passes fast as 2 months just past like that. I miss them! By the way, lost my drive on blogging recently. So many to blog, but too lazy to write it out. Punch myself. *ouch! it hurts!~

Friday, April 07, 2006


Taking one step forward is better than to stay still...
For that one step, though slow, bring us closer...
To where we want to be... To what we want to be...

Monday, March 27, 2006

I've been a horrible blogger*

So, I really have no desire to write on this thing lately. I do have things to write about, I just haven't felt like spending time on the computer. Anyway, I decided I'd at least share a few photos & stories from school this past week.


Pic#1 - My tuition student - Jun Wai. Grr.
He's an orphan. Poor thing. He's weak in studies.
Anyway I think he's just lack of some basic. =(
He's somehow clever wey.

Pic#2 - Another one. Sleepy You Vern. He's a pig!


Story#1 - Appreciation (Conversation between 6G[the best class] and me)

Me: Next week is my last week teaching you guys already. =( your teacher will be back.

They: HUH!?? so fast?

Me: Yeah? You all hate teacher ma. Don't like me also. Nevermind, next month no need to see me again loh. Good la. *sarcastic tone*

One of them: Teacher, where got! We all LIKE you ah. You teach better than that Mrs. XXX .

Headmistress's son: Yaloh. You teach better.

Me: Wey. Okay. Enough. Continue your work. =) *giggles*


I find satisfaction in teaching students..
Er.. teaching appreciative students.
You know, that really makes my day. Someone appreciates what I did after spending two months time, teaching and reminding them almost the same thing over and over again, to ensure the students understand.



Pic#3 - My new cell, my room, and I =) whoosh! *vain vain=)*

Thursday, March 16, 2006

the day.

Now is already 4.41a.m.


About 7 hours left? #_#

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Reality or Illusion?

If you watch the images from your seat in front of the computer, Mr. Angry is on the left, and Mrs. Calm is on the right.

Do get up from your seat, and move back 2-3 metres, and *drum rolls*!! they switch places!!

This proves that we may not be seeing what's actually there, all the time. =)


-Is life reality, or just an illusion?-

* * *

For me, it doesn't matter. All aspects of life are constantly changing processes, pleasant=) as well as unpleasant=(.

* * *

And change is a constant part of everyday life. Is change scary? Yes, and no. Depends on our perspective. Sigh. Life's reality, it's also an illusion of reality. Does this make any sense? I don't know. I don't know what I'm writing. Sometimes I do feel that I know too much, see too much, care too much, think too much. All I want is PEACE. I've seen too much fake people around me, and I'm tired.
I'm tired of the ugly part of humans.


How about you? Is Life reality, or just an illusion?
Is change a good thing or the other way?

Tell me.

P.S. - I'll remove the picture after a week. It's polluting my blog. Ish. =)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


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I hate *s u r p r i s e s* .
but this one was pleasant.


I was at the wrong place - wrong time -
I saw the thing I shouldn't have seen.
I saw the wrong person with a wrong person.
~ whiffy zone ~ you don't need to understand why.
Be observant.


I’m not going to try and understand why
because that would just be infuriating
so there’s no point to do anything.


I’ve stopped searching for the unanswered questions.
It's not even worth searching.
. . . . . . . . . ----*---- . . . . . . . . . . .

Friday, March 03, 2006

The U-turn of life.

Things got messed up today.
180° rotated.

All of a sudden.

An U-turn.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Yesterday, whenI reached school as usual about 7++ a.m, Hm.

----> *scratches head*

I saw a letter with my name written on it -- Mr. Wong. Well, at first I thought it was probably a COMPLAINT letter from parents of a student OR some sort of - letter of a student seeking for counselling .Stuffs like that.

----> *innocent looks* Duh.

I opened and read the letter. I was SHOCKED!!
The first sentence -- PLEASE DON'T SPREAD THIS.

----> *eye-rolling*

Want to know the content inside it? Ha ha. Trust me, you don't want to know.
I'm actually exaggerating la. Abit overdone. LOL. =) Let's NOT talk about that. She's making my life miserable. I don't even know who is she by the way. =(


Confessions of a LOVER LONER
  • I hate it when people say they love but cannot learn to respect, or trust.

  • I hate the fact that no matter how you try to love someone, that person will never love you back.

  • I hate the fact that you can never love the person who wishes you will love them back.

----> *weird*

Sunday, February 26, 2006


unending, indefinite, indeterminate.

My own final fantasy.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Take a step back.

Sometimes I find myself needing to take a step back in order to get a closer look.

Similar to a Chinese saying, “旁观者清当局者迷。”


Sometimes I realised the WHOLE thing only when other people told me about it -- just because that I'm so blurry at times. *Sigh*

Hm. I want to -- Hey, wait, It's too many. Here are the list.
  • I want to do a better job of considering things that don’t make sense to me.
  • I want to do a better job of thinking simple things more deeply.
  • I want to do more digging.
  • I want to probe more.
  • I want to ask more.
  • I want to talk more.
  • I want to protect myself more.
  • I want to question more.
  • I want to test more.
  • I want to experiment more.
  • I want to experience more.


Well, I realised a man of probity is hard to become, afterall. -( *

Midnight's Vainity